Nigeria’s Stolen Oil Traced to Cameroon

The theft of crude oil in Nigeria has cost the country €9 billion in the last two years. DW’s Fred Muvunyi traced the illicit flow of ‘fungue’ to a port across the border in Cameroon.

The noise of heavy vehicle traffic and portside traders greets you at Idenau on Cameroon’s border with Nigeria. Vigilant gun-toting soldiers, police and security guards patrol the area. Journalists like me are closely monitored and severely restricted.

The soldiers are quick to warn that the use of any photographic or recording devices is strictly prohibited without written permission from the authorities.

With that clearance in hand, I make my way to the waterside to find fishermen who can tell me about the local industry, with the policewoman assigned to escort me in tow.

But why is there such a heavy smell of fuel in the air? What could that have to do with the fishing industry?

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