Dangote refinery to completed in December 2019

Tunde Adedeji, Petroleum news, Lagos – The Dangote refinery is set to be completed in December 2019, Dangote Group executive director Devakumar Edwin said Friday.

The 650,000-bpd refinery will account for half of the group’s assets when it is completed, Edwin told Petroleum news. The group is planning to export refined products in the region.

“Our primary focus is Nigeria, to meet the entire local demand, but we have the capacity to export more than 50% of what we produce, so the secondary focus will be on western Africa and central Africa,” Edwin said.

The plant’s expected processing capacity of up to 650,000 bpd is more than the current combined 445,000-bpd capacity of Nigeria’s four state-owned refineries. Although Nigeria is one of Africa’s top producers of crude oil, it imports nearly 80% of its refined fuel needs.

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