Nigeria consumes 1kg per capita of LPG, the lowest in West Africa

Stephen U.C, Petroleum news

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG or domestic cooking gas) has been described as a clean source of cooking fuel but Nigeria a major producer, consumes less against her peers in West Africa.

Africa’s most populous nation consumed little above 1 kilogramme (kg) per capita, which is comparatively less than its West African peers, such as, 4kg per capita in Ghana and 9kg per capita in Senegal according to data obtained from the World Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association.

With urbanisation, LPG consumption is growing. Interestingly, Nigeria is also a net exporter of domestic cooking gas in Africa, however, poor infrastructure and minimal adherence to global standards in the handling of products is stalling the growth of the retail segment of the LPG value chain.

Despite big improvements in the domestic LPG market, work still needs to be done to free up the market because the fundamentals are right: over 180 million people, a potential big middle class and rapid urbanisation.

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