Nigeria: Security forces target militant camps in Niger Delta.

Stephen U.C, Petroleum news, Operation Delta safe confirms death of four militants and destruction of militant camps during a raid carried out by the military yesterday night.

Operation Delta safe officials confirmed the death of four notable militants, including the leader of the Bakassi Strike Force group, and the destruction of militant camps in Okirika, a suburb area in Rivers State. This latest move by gallant soldiers was part of the military intervention to safe oil installations and curb militancy in the Niger Delta area as oil price soar up high.

As part of the operation, the officials also confirmed that thousands of heavy arms and ammunitions were also recovered, and that the Nigerian army had seized thousands of the items used in crude oil theft. Additional operations against suspected militants and militant positions in Akwa Ibom, Rivers State, Cross River, Bayelsa, Imo State are expected to take effect on the background level in the coming weeks.

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